Mountain Trekking

5 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking-Marangu Route

At a glance Day 0: Moshi (915 m/3,000 ft) Day 1: Moshi (915 m/3,000 ft) to Marangu Gate Day 2: Mandara Huts (2,740 m/9,000 ft) to Horombo Huts Day 3: Horombo Huts (3,690 m/12,100 ft) to Kibo Huts Day 4: Summit Day! Kibo Huts (4,695 m/15,400 ft) to Uhuru Peak Day 5: Horombo Huts (3,690 […]

6 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking- Machame Route Adventure

At a glance Day One: Machame Gate (1,800m/5,905ft) •    Day Two: Machame Camp (3,000m/9,840ft) •    Day Three: Shira Camp (3,840m/12,600ft) •    Day Four: Barranco Camp (3,950m/12,960ft) •    Day Five: Barafu Camp (4,600m/15,100ft) •    Day Six: Mweka Camp (3,100m/10,170ft) Program Itinerary Day One: Machame Gate (1,800m/5,905ft) to Machame Camp (3,000m/9,840ft)  Elevation […]

8 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro-Lemosho Route Adventure

At a glance •    DAY 0: Moshi (915 m/3,000 ft) •    DAY 1: Moshi (915 m/3,000 ft) •    DAY 2: Mkubwa Camp (2,750 m/9,020 ft) •    DAY 3: Shira Camp 1 (3,500 m/11,485 ft) •    DAY 4: Shira Camp 2 (3,840 m/12,600 ft) •    DAY 5: Barranco Camp (3,900 m/12,800 ft) •    DAY 6: Karanga […]

5 Days Sirimon-Chogoria Mount Kenya Trek

5 days 4 nights Mount Kenya Trek Mount kenya Sirimon-chogoria route Itinerary SIRIMON-CHOGORIA ROUTE:   Moutains are calling! As hikers & adventurers, A Great Hike is our oasis. It provides a sense of fulfillment & serenity. As we trek up the greatest mountains the idea of becoming one with nature becomes a reality. Join the #hikers in […]

Mount Kenya Climbing Adventure Information.

Mount Kenya Climbing Adventure Information. Mount Kenya Trekking, Climbing Mount Kenya, Hiking Mount Kenya, Mount Kenya Trekking Routes, Climbing Kenya Mountain, Mountain Kenya Adventures, Climbing Mount Kenya In Kenya, Mount Kenya Expeditions. trekking trips Kenya, climbing mount Kenya, climbing Mount Kenya in Kenya, mount Kenya hiking, walking, route, trekking routes, yha Kenya travel, photos We are […]

4 Days Climbing Mt. Kenya Via Sirimon Route

Trip Length: 4 days 3 nights Minimum: 04 people Price : $700 per person Day 1: Departure from Nairobi is at 0900 hrs(either from hotel or airport) to Nanyuki and stop at the Equator briefly. Continue to Nanyuki where you check in your hotel. Afternoon is spend preparing for the hike.A COMPLIMENTARY walking tour to the EQUATOR. Dinner […]

11 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Adventure Combine With Wildlife Safari Maasai Mara.

Orange Adventure Tours and Safaris[OATS] $2,649.95 DESCRIPTION Trip Overview. Orange Adventure Tours and Safaris[OATS] is a dedicated travel company providing the best safari experiences combined with mountaineering adventures to tourists with quality Kenya Adventure Safaris, Kenya budget adventure safaris, Kenya holidays travel, hot air balloon safaris, Kenya Safaris, Kenya Adventure budget safaris travel packages. Orange […]

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