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Away from the tourist trails of the western world, this naturally diverse region of Africa, lying south of the Sahara Desert, stands alone in its capacity to inspire sheer adulation.

ORANGE ADVENTURES has a trusted reputation that spans over 10 years experience operating in East Africa – the heartlands of the safari experience and fascinating cultural explorations.

 Our three in-depth operations headquarters – located in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania – comprise teams of dedicated office-based and field staff, including tour leaders, drivers, mechanics and cooks, with the geographical, cultural, historical and experiential know-how and expertise to deliver value-for-money products perfectly pitched to our clients.

 Each operational base has its own fleet of safari-customized vehicles and an in-house maintenance workshop, which ensures that we maintain first-class vehicle service and safety standards to keep clients safe, no matter where they are.

 We offer all types of programs – from FIT to large group arrangements; from entry level camping itineraries to luxury lodge circuits. Many of these options have conference and incentive capabilities, not to mention top-quality camping equipment that caters specifically to your adventure travel market.

 There are also plenty of ORANGE ADVENTURES-supported responsible travel opportunities that can be included in bespoke itineraries. Operating under ethical models is something we take very seriously, so you can be sure we have responsible social and environment policies and procedures in place that support the local region’s community.

“We are the true and original pan-African safari, specialist.”

Adventure travelers are not satisfied with just seeing the sights or sitting on a beach and sipping cocktails. They seek adventure experiences that highlight natural, historic, religious, culinary and cultural assets that make a place distinct from any other, and are filled with plenty of local interaction. Our operational bases have extensive connections with local suppliers, including those in remote regions, to guarantee flexibility and best value-for-money products that ensure financial safety and security. This allows us to offer a range of unique opportunities to interact with local, often rarely visited, communities, like going to a local home to share a family meal. We also work with a number of NGOs to develop experiences that give clients a genuine insight into the life of the local people. This help’s spread the tourism dollar back to grassroots communities. Our ethical operating models provide local employment, leader training and community development, and we have responsible social and environmental policies and procedures in place to support the local region’s community and ensure your clients have a unique and culturally rich and rewarding experience.


The trickiest bit of travel is negotiating all the ins and outs and finer details. Yet, your success and reputation with your clients will depend on how well these things are thought out, planned and executed. That’s where ORANGE ADVENTURES DMC’s local management teams come in. Our operations teams have a wealth of experience and can connect the dots for you: arranging arrival packages, meeting and greeting, providing leader services, hotel transfers, and day trips, beach packages, FIT and more. A team of this high caliber takes time to build, but your business can access this on-the-ground experience through our long established and reliable travel management services. Our global operating policies and procedures ensure that your product is delivered with the same consistency and high quality, no matter where in the world your clients are. Our on-the-ground team in Rwanda, for example, will deliver your product with the same professionalism and seamless ground operations as the local team in Zanzibar. Each of our represented DMCs comply with our global audit and assessment procedures, which include client satisfaction, financial stability and liability insurance, to ensure that they meet the demands of any client, product or group size, small to large, budget to boutique. These core philosophies have helped us to become a market leader in ground services for adventure travelers across the continent.



ORANGE ADVENTURES offers low-risk, low effort access to these kinds of trips. Our reputation is built on security and safety, with full public liability and operator insurance and excellent strategies in place to keep clients safe at all times. All of our leaders, including our long-established trekking management teams, are trained in first aid, and we have detailed crisis, emergency and evacuation plans in place. Our product is consistent and high quality, tour-to-tour and across the continent. As an adventure specialists we can deliver complete adventure experiences – high-altitude trekking, climbing, rafting, cycling, sailing, sea kayaking, diving – accomplishing seemingly difficult logistical feats every time. 


Looking to create an out-of-this-world itinerary that will suit specific needs and wow your clients? Creativity, flexibility and attention to detail are essential in creating successful bespoke itineraries, whether that involves action or relaxation; ground services or cultural experiences; luxury digs or budget accommodation. We take that responsibility very seriously. We have over 10 years experience pulling together thoughtful itinerary design, experienced tour leaders, carefully selected accommodation and transport and lively adventure experiences that will all combine to create that perfect product and create an experience that will truly last a lifetime. That’s why our products have been acknowledged and recognized through National Geographic and Tour Radar as “trips of a lifetime”. And our qualified and engaging local leaders have been recognized multiple times as the best in their industry with unparalleled insider access to genuine experiences that deliver on the iconic destinations, but also on regional and local delights.


Coming eye to eye with the world’s most epic wildlife – the migrations across the Serengeti, the gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda – consistently tops the tourism charts as the ultimate travel experiences of all times. ORANGE ADVENTURES are perfectly placed to offer your clients this kind of adventure. We’re world leaders when it comes to global tourism sustainability. Our tour leaders receive intensive on-the-ground training to ensure your clients safety. All of our local companies operate as standalone businesses with responsible social and environmental policies and procedures to support the local region and wildlife. We own our own fleet of safari-customizer vehicles, and have in-house maintenance workshops to ensure that we maintain first-class vehicle service and safety standards to keep clients safe, no matter where they are – in a national park or a remote region.


ORANGE ADVENTURES delivers innovative, value-based products and operational solutions across a range of travel categories, from budget to boutique. Our product is high quality and consistent – tour-to-tour and across the globe.

We work together with you, applying our 10 years’ experience as a trusted adventure travel operator and product developer to develop tailored products for your brand niche that we know will perform in the travel market.

Team Member Bios

Elisha Ojwang Oranga

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Kenya, Nairobi

+254 725289430



Elisha has over 10 years’ experience in the travel industry working predominantly in purchasing and contracting, product management, destination management, adventure travel and group travel. A Kenyan with a comprehensive knowledge of African and particularly East African tourism products, Elisha has lived in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania [Both Mainland & the Island of Zanzibar], Rwanda and is now based in Nairobi, Kenya. He strives to produce the best travel experiences for each and every client at a competitive price. Having been born and raised at the Touristic town of Kenyan Coast Mombasa and pursued Tourism as a course in College and worked in the same field ranging from the Airlines, to NGOs, Travel, Tours and Adventures company which is earned him the reputation, respect and current statue he enjoys.

 Nayeli Robledo

 Marketing Executive

U.S.A, Florida 


 Nayeli had no idea of the plight of the African elephant until she went to Nairobi with her mom in 2014, a gift that she presented to her but that changed her life forever. 

She became a foster mom to one of the DSWT orphans the same year.

 The beginning of 2015 was not easy, and she found herself smiling only when she read the foster parents’ comments on the DSWT Instagram page, somehow she felt that she was connected to people she did not even know but their love for those orphans was bringing them together, so she decided to find all the foster parents she could and share their experience with others and at the same time inspiring other people’s hearts so they could become foster parents. So she created DSWT foster parents accounts.

 Little did she know that she was going to bring so many people together and that she was going to be able to raise awareness, not only about the orphans, but about all elephants in general and that now is not only about social media connections but saving them from extinction by educating through different networks?


Having been born and raised in Mexico. 

When she was 17 her parents decided to move to Florida. she never liked it, so she worked 3 jobs to save money then she applied and was granted a student visa in Australia so she moved to Sydney in 2002  where she attended a community college and worked in retail at the Sydney International Airport. 

She moved to Turkey in 2004 and became a Spanish teacher and fluent in Turkish. 

She moved back to the USA in 2010 and currently based in the state of Florida.

 During her years living overseas she had the opportunity to travel to 26 countries, in some she left part of her soul, but Africa is where her heart is.

 Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors lead a team of dedicated and committed staff in ensuring our clients have the best East African experience while visiting with us.

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