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Prior to 1970’s, Ol Pejeta was a highly developed and productive cattle ranch in which wildlife presence was thought to undermine the welfare of the cattle by competing for grazing as well as being disease vectors.

Ol Pejeta is now East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary as well as being home to Southern White Rhinos brought in from South Africa and thriving on the fertile open grasslands. It is also the only place in Africa to see Northern White Rhinos, a subspecies that once roamed the grasslands of northern Congo and southern Sudan but now on the brink of extinction. Ol Pejeta Conservancy is home to four of the last seven of this species left in the world. Our Location on the wildlife migration corridors of Kenya’s northern rangelands has the advantage of making us home to all the “Big Five” and we enjoy one of the highest predator densities in Kenya. We are also the only place in Kenya to see the chimpanzees which are located in a specially designed sanctuary set up by the world famous primatologist JANE GOODALL.


While Ol Pejeta is a private conservancy we are considered a “not-for  profit” organization. By virtue of our company constitution, all “profit” must be reinvested into further wildlife conservation and community outreach and cannot be disbursed as a dividend or in the form of director’s benefits. The shareholders and Board of Ol Pejeta work on an entirely Philanthropic  and voluntarily basis.


Safeguarding endangered species is very expensive, the cost of which literally doubles with the presence of Rhinos. We aim to develop the majority of this funding from our tourism operations; however these are susceptible to periodic downturns and we are always looking to develop the funding and partnership relationships necessary to guarantee the security of our wildlife. Considered a leader in conservation innovation, we are constantly evolving new approaches and technologies. The conservancy perimeter fence is completely electrified with game corridors in the northern sector adjoining other conservancies. We also work closely with surrounding communities who provide security in the form of information



The conservancy is committed to building a long term community relationships by empowering people from from neighboring communities to grow. We constantly engage with surrounding communities to identify opportunities for assistance and ensure effective use of donated funds in an entirely accountable manner. Through business enterprises and with the help of willing donors[both large and small], our community outreach program and external conservation program mes have raised and disbursed USD 1,000,000 in the last three years, reflecting our aim to become a real engine for development across the district now and in the future.

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy model is increasingly recognized and used by donors as a means to achieve effective community and poverty alleviation.

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