08 Days Best Of Kenyan Wildlife Safaris





Min Age


Day 1


The adventure begins by a pick-up from J.K.I.A and drops off to your tonight’s accommodation for a group meeting, dinner and overnight at the Nairobi Safari Club. Depending on the time your flights lands nothing can be arranged for this day.

Meal Plan:- Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 2: Nairobi – Amboseli

Pick up from your Nairobi hotel [After you advise] in the morning and drive to Amboseli national park arriving at the Amboseli Serena Lodge –well in time for lunch with a game drive enroot.  Amboseli national park is famous for its scenery with a backdrop of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, which dominates the landscape, and open plains. Arriving with a short game drive at Amboseli Sopa Lodge, check in, have lunch and a short rest .Afternoon game drive at the park later Dinner and overnight at the Amboseli Serena Lodge.

Dinner and overnight at the Amboseli Serena lodge, Amboseli.

Meal Plan {Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner}

Day 3: Amboseli – Lake Nakuru.

Early morning pre-breakfast game drive at 0630am, when you have the best chance to see the majestic highest peak of Africa with a backdrop of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro before returning to your lodge for breakfast. In Amboseli where conservation and Tourism go hand in hand is a place that you will be able to meet and interact with the locals, the famous Maasai people of Kenya.  The Maasai are native Kenyan ethnic group that still embraces their traditional, cultural and historical practices. We depart Amboseli for Lake Nakuru. You will be collected for the day’s drive taking you to Lake Nakuru National Park. Lunch at your lodge. After Lunch you will proceed on an afternoon game drive in Lake Nakuru National Park. The Lake has good density of game and it is one Park that within few minutes of game drive, you will achieve quite a lot in terms of sightings. It is also a bird watchers haven. After the game drive proceed back to your lodge.

We will combine both afternoon and evening game drive to achieve the shooting of wildlife during the “Golden hours” of late evenings.

Dinner and overnight stay at Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge LDBB

Day 4: Lake Nakuru-Lake Naivasha

We will have an early morning game drive before we had back to our Lodge and check out for a drive to Lake Naivasha which is about two –three hours drive.

We will have Lunch at Elsmere with high tea. After Lunch you will proceed on an afternoon boat ride in Lake Naivasha to Crescent Island. The Lake has good density of game and it is one Park that within few minutes of game drive, you will achieve quite a lot in terms of sightings. It is also a bird watchers haven. After the game drive proceed back to your lodge.

Dinner and overnight stay at Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge LDBB

Day 5: Lake Naivasha – Maasai Mara

After breakfast depart for Masai Mara, one of East Africa’s most famous reserves, The Masai Mara Mara consists of undulating hills and great rolling grasslands that sustain some of the most varied wildlife in Africa, if not the world. Arrive in time for lunch at –Mara Simba Lodge. Afternoon safari game viewing in the Masai Mara reserver, where lion, elephant, cheetah, giraffe, buffalo, wildebeest, gazelle and other plains game abound, not forgetting the hundreds of species of birds.

Dinner and overnight  in-Mara Simba Lodge.

Day 6: Explore Maasai Mara

Full day dedicated to safari game drives in this sprawling Masai Mara reserve. You can watch a lion, cheetah or leopard hunting or feasting on its kill. Option of a visit to a Masai village or a hot-air balloon ride that starts at 06.00 am and ends with a Champagne breakfast on the plains. What an exhilarating experience!

Dinner and overnight  in-Mara Simba Lodge.

Day 7: Maasai Mara-Nairobi

After breakfast depart by road to arrive in Nairobi in time for lunch and an afternoon to explore Nairobi. We can plan an evening to visit the Shedrick orphaned baby elephants.

Dinner and overnight can be arranged upon request

Meal Plan {Breakfast and lunch}

End of Kenya program

Safari costs:


  Per person sharing in twin bed room = USD 2123.25 *2 = 4246.5


Bank name: NIC BANK



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1002933191







PO BOX 44599-00100,


TEL: +254 ( 20) 2888217

MOBILE: +254 711 041 111

EMAIL: customercare@nic-bank.com

What’s included on the price of the safari

• Transport based on customized seven-sitter safari Van or a 4X4 Landcrusier

• All applicable game Park Entrance fees.

•    Finest accommodation as indicated in the itinerary.

•    Three meals a day while on Safari.

•    Airport picks up on arrival in Nairobi.

•    Professional Safari Guide/Driver.

•    Guaranteed departures for two or more passengers booking this safari.

•    Round trip transport from Nairobi to the designated National Park.

•    Pre–tour itinerary document.

•    Extensive and unlimited Game drives.

What’s not included on the price of the safari

• •    Personal expense such as communication charges like emails, faxes, and phone calls

•    Maasai Village visit

•    Hot air balloon ride

•    Drinks like sodas, water, beer and wines

•    Gratuity for the driver guide, waiter

•    Laundry

•    The cost of obtaining visa

•    Pre- tour accommodation which can be arranged on request.

For further information kindly email info@orangeadventures.co.ke or orange.adventuetravels@gmail.com or elisha.oranga@icloud.com contact us through the following phone numbers +254 725 289 430 or +254 020 7780653 or +254 734 825 127


Additional Trip Notes


Close your eyes, and for a moment feel your body lift up, with you having no control over it, and there is a certain part of you, inside you, saying to yourself, I am crazy for taking this balloon safari. This is what most people feel, when the excitement of a Masai Mara balloon safari crosses one’s emotion of self-control and independence.

Don’t stop! Tell me more about my Masai Mara Balloon Safari in Kenya?

The feeling is indescribable, crispness of the African air, chill in the wind that hits your face as your Mara hot air balloon gradually rises, smoothness in the exhale of your breath, and the excitement to see and learn more. One’s physical presence can be felt on the plains of the Masai Mara when reading this.

You trip begins when you get your wakeup call at your safari lodge or tented camp in the early hours of the morning, as you yawn away, and thoughts about your wildlife viewing from an elevated position begins to stir your mind. The fresh Kenyan traditional hot tea and coffee quickly awaken you, in fact preparing you for a “mission”.

By 6.15 a.m. you are almost arriving at the hot air balloon site in the Masai Mara. As you approach the site, the balloon seems bigger than you expected, the experience is one that has never been visited, and you are about to have a trip of a lifetime.

Liftoff! Up and away we go! At 6.30 a.m., the hot air balloon safari starts. The captain asks you to relax and experience the wonders under the African sky. As you finally start to get a grip on the elevation, an inner smile that resonates on one’s face does not need an explanation. The wildebeest moving in large numbers across the Masai Mara plains, the beauty of the landscape when the rising sun’s bright orange colors are displayed, the elephants at the water pool, and the gazelles and zebras scampering away, just if it was their first time to witness an alien object in the sky.

By 7.30 a.m., one is very content with balloon safari, and it is almost touch down time. There is a celebration, and for those who prefer a toast, champagne is served, as hot breakfast in the bush is being prepared. You ask yourself, is this true? I am really doing this trip of a lifetime in Kenya? In the Masai Mara? As the sweetness and aroma of the African coffee surrounds you, with fresh eggs being served as you like it, you hope for another ride, and wish that such luxury never ended.

By the time you finish your breakfast, you have made up your decision to immigrate to Kenya because such life is only found here. You begin to question yourself, and you feel an urgency to seek, live and enjoy this pristine beauty, a once in a lifetime “thing”.

By 9.00 a.m., you have been declared a champion, a mighty certificate of completion handed out to you which you hope to display in your home country, to family, friends, coworkers. Clapping and participation by everyone present makes you proud to have achieved a trip as wonderful as this.

By then you hear a blaring sound of music or even an annoying buzz, you turn around and switch of the alarm clock. Your eyes wide open, you know that you have to get back to Kenya, to Maasai Mara, again otherwise the recurring dreams will drive you mad.



Lake Nakuru National Park

Originally declared a national park because of a superbly diverse bird population, which includes many migrants, the park is also a favorite place for travelers to seek the rare black rhino. However, it is for the flamingos that the lake is best known, and it was for their protection that the park was

originally created. The level of the blue-green alkaline waters here varies and this, with other accompanying environmental changes, causes considerable variation in the flamingo population, but when they are present, en masse, the whole lake turns a gorgeous rosy pink.

Although protection of the flamingo population on the lake was the original rationale for the inception of the national park, further land was included in the early seventies and it is now about 190 sq m. This expansion, which took in a large grassland area, has allowed the park to protect further species. Buffalo, zebra, antelope and both lion and leopard are to be found. The rather less ubiquitous reedbuck and waterbuck are also here as is the glamorously leggy Rothschild giraffe. Temptingly, the black rhino breeding program , started in the late eighties, has proved successful and this is an excellent place to view them.

Lake Nakuru is a small national park. There is no need to stay in the area in order to see all that is to be seen. A good day trip may be enough and these can easily be organized from the Lake Naivasha area.


Masai Mara National G.R

Probably the most famous of the reserves, the Masai Mara, in Kenya’s south western corner, boasts an astonishing amount of game. Unfenced, the Mara is bounded in the east by the Ngama Hills and in the west by the Oloololo or Siria Escarpment. Gazelle, wildebeest and zebra graze in large numbers and where prey is found so are predators. Not only is  this a great place in which to find game, but the wide greenly-gold  savannahs spotted with thorn trees make it ideal for photography. The Mara, as it is known in Kenya, is ravishingly beautiful and also offers long, undisturbed views and utterly dramatic panoramas. The weather really means something here. The sun may beat down unforgiving, huge clouds in fabulous shapes may sweep across the widest of skies, and the wind ripples the grasses as though they are stroked by a giant hand. The landscape is stunning.

The famously black-maned Mara lions are possibly the stars of the Mara show, but cheetah, elephant, kongoni, topi, Thompson’s gazelle, waterbuck, hyena, and primates are all here too. As with the rest of Kenya, the birding is good. There is no settlement within the reserve however; the Mara is in theory owned by the Maasai, pastoralists and, in earlier times, renowned lion-killers. Lodges and hotels offer the opportunity to buy their beadwork, checked cloths and copies of their spears. It is said that if lions scent approaching Maasai on the breeze they move swiftly in the opposite direction.

Famously, the Mara is the northerly end of the Great Migration, that great primeval surge of wildebeest, zebra and antelope that sweeps in from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara as the Tanzanian grass starts to fail. The large predators that pick off the weak, the stragglers and the young track them. The great herds, nearing their destination by July, mass along the Mara River, pushing, shoving and fantastically noisy, just waiting for the first animal to cross so that they can all follow, lemming-like, on the final leg of the journey. However, crocodiles lie in wait, sluggishly cruising the waters, fully prepared for their best meal of the year. Many fail in the life-and-death struggle – drowned, eaten by the crocodiles or, made careless or weak by their stressful swim, brought down by lions.  The Masai Mara is terrible yet wonderful, and not to be missed



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